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Global developer and operator of sustainable energy solutions

We believe in a better energy future. We are growing with our success in the development, design, construction and financing of renewable energy projects in Turkey.

  • Solar energy is not a limited resource like fossil fuels and does not harm nature.
  • We create a sustainable future for the protection of our natural resources.

World’s Best Solar Panels 2022-2023

Solar Panel by Gruenes Hause

Test & Comparison 2023 results.

EXPOb2b international is the official distributor Meyer Burger Solar Panels.

Own Renewable Energy with
German Technology and Engineering

The measurement of the existing capacity, the determination of the needs, the preliminary studies necessary for the optimum performance of the panel and the highest efficiency.

The project is prepared. production planning is carried out. Cost analysis and Economic Feasibility and financial support.

On-site inspection, determinations, precise calculations, the implementation plan. Conducting checks and tests, establishing a connection and delivering the project.

24-hour monitoring, preparation of production reports, comparison, reporting and periodic maintenance. 24/7 service for any need.

EXPO Energy Engineering

We are building a better energy future for everyone

We work with the best brands to make the world cleaner and healthier. We produce professional solutions to the right projects with our experience.

  • Offers International Quality in Solar Energy Systems Sales and Engineering Services.
  • The Panels and Solar Cells are 100% made in Germany. They are First-Class Panels. Our Panels are in the First Place in the Worldwide Test Results for the Year 2022. The Manufacturer is also the Winner of the 2022 World Solar Technology Award.
  • Solar Cells that Provide the Production in the Panels. The Latest Technology HJT Cells, which are in practice in the world, are used.
  • Instead of Soldering System, Smart Wire Connection System has been applied in the connections of the cells.
  • A 25-Year Uninterrupted High Production Performance Warranty Certificate is Provided by the Manufacturer.
  • A 25-Year Material Strength Warranty Certificate is presented by the manufacturer and has 100% Recycling Opportunity.

  • Does not require additional investment cost, does not cause panel replacement problem in the production process.
  • Pays off the Investment Cost on average 4 times in 25 years.
  • Panels and Cells do not have the risk of heating and fire.
  • Affected by the Shadow and Waste Effect at the Lowest Rate.
  • Panel Price is at least 50% cheaper with European Union Project Grants.
  • Quality Certificates are Available in European Standards.
  • Sales and Installation can be Carried Out by Dealers and Services Authorized for Installation in accordance with the conditions.

EXPO Energy Engineering

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